Daniel Patrick: Magician

Christmas Party Entertainment


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Close up Magic

This is the most popular service London Magician Daniel Patrick offers. It involves Daniel mixing with your guests, presenting his brand of magic using cards, coins, mind-reading and other objects, up close, right in front of their eyes.  This service is particularly suitable for cocktail receptions or for banquets whereby Daniel will entertain at the tables between courses.
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The Experience

This service sees Daniel set up in a private area or private room with a table and some chairs (provided by the venue).  Small groups at a time ( 2-5 guests) are invited to sit with Daniel whereby they will experience Daniel performing some of his more intimate routines.  Guests are asked not to talk about what was performed when they leave the room but are encouraged to share their experiences in terms of how it made them feel.  This can create a buzz around the venue, with an air of mystery and intrigue circulating around your event.  Guests will also be made to feel as if they are experiencing a much more exclusive interaction.
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The Table

This service involves Daniel being set up at a table (venue will need to provide a table, table cloth and 3-6 chairs) whereby your guests can visit Daniel at their leisure and experience formal and elegant sleight of hand card magic.  This style is more akin to 'mini shows' performed at the table throughout the event.
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The Cheat

This service involves Daniel drawing upon his experience and expertise in studying the world of card sharks, hustlers, grifters and con-men.  Here Daniel presents demonstrations of crooked gambling and how supposed games of chance can be beaten using illicit and closely guarded methods and techniques.  Such feats include dealing at will from a shuffled deck, winning hands of Poker or Blackjack and demonstrations of how crooked dice can be used subtly to cheat a Casino or private game. 
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